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If you’re wondering how to follow in Jesus’ footsteps, let us tell you all the steps you can take.

Mary Venable Vaughn is an author who has written a book about the heritage of the Christian communitySTEPPING INTO DISCIPLESHIP: Our Journey Begins aims to convince everyone to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. Being Christ’s disciple is living a life full of love, fulfillment, and purpose.

With that said, let’s go ahead and take a look at the steps you can take to follow Jesus Christ’s footsteps. And after doing so, we hope you find meaning and purpose as Jesus takes you on a brand-new journey.

Step 1: Follow Jesus Christ’s Commandments in the Bible

Reading the Bible and acting on its teachings is the surest path to success in our journey with Christ. The Bible is intended to steer our lives and put us back on track when we veer off course. To fully ignore the Bible or to start reading it without doing anything is the surest path to failure.

We should read the Bible daily and let it illuminate our thinking, actions, and manner of existence. Israel traveled through the wilderness under the guidance of a pillar of fire and a cloud. One would think that they’d always choose the appropriate course of action given such clear direction.

Sadly, we see that they had daily difficulties following the Lord. We don’t have a cloud to guide us through life as a whole, but we certainly have explicit instructions in the Bible. They must be obeyed in full if we hope to be successful in following Christ.

Step 2: Hold Fast to Jesus Christ and His Promises

Ever heard the expression, “Buckle up because this one’s a bumpy ride!”? That’s right, following Jesus can be similar. We must hold on to the Lord in times of gloom or struggle. The darkest of backgrounds served as the setting for some of Scripture’s greatest stories.

In reality, the Hebrew writers were the best representatives who summarized the actions of a generation of people who obediently followed the Lord. Their prosperity was a result of their acceptance of God’s promises. We must occasionally hold onto a promise as though it were our lifeline.

Thankfully, nothing powerful enough to overpower God’s Word exists in either heaven or earth. Mary Venable Vaughn has something to offer if you’re eager to learn how to follow in Jesus’ footsteps. Her book about the heritage of the Christian community, titled STEPPING INTO DISCIPLESHIP: Our Journey Begins, helps readers become Christ’s disciples.

She helps everyone get close to Jesus Christ by providing steps that let us follow in His footsteps.

Step 3: Walk After The King of Kings and Lord of Lords

Following is the initial step in pursuing Christ. In simple terms, if we want to be disciples of Jesus, we must move in His direction. College students are frequently mentioned as attending fraternity gatherings where alcohol and other vices are prevalent.

They persuade themselves they will refrain from participating, but not long after, the crowd’s pressures are too tremendous to withstand. We hear stories of married guys who hang out with a coworker excessively. They eventually develop an unhealthy bond that causes them to have moments of weakness and destroy their family and marriage.

Keep in mind that if we follow where He is walking, we can avoid experiencing these things and similar ones. Solomon warns us against taking specific paths if you’re a believer.

Step 4: You Will Serve Our Lord Jesus Christ

Serving Jesus possesses a method of making us rely on Him, and relying on Him results in a greater relationship with Him. Not having a ministry outlet can be one of the easiest ways to get into a spiritual rut. Pay attention to the demands expressed, then dedicate your time, effort, and energy to helping.

Consider the wonderful things the Lord has accomplished since individuals depended on God for each action rather than choose what was convenient and simple.

Learn How to Follow in Jesus’ Footsteps Today

Following Jesus’ footsteps is a journey worth taking. By doing so, all of us can live a life with purpose. A life close to our Lord to make things better.

Grab a copy of Mary Venable Vaughn’s heritage of the Christian community to help you successfully become a disciple of Jesus Christ. Click here to buy the book today!

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