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Many people ask, “Is Jesus worth following?” without actually having a clear understanding of whether or not they’re ready for the answer they’ll be getting.

Mary Venable Vaughn, author of STEPPING INTO DISCIPLESHIP Our Journey Begins, is well-versed regarding the journey to discipleship. Being a follower of Christ herself, she aims to convince readers that they should be a disciple of Jesus Christ himself. Read her book today and be prepared to see the beauty of following Jesus’ footsteps.

Now, we are going to be talking about some of the reasons why Jesus is a figure that we should follow throughout the rest of our lives!

Reason #1: Jesus Christ Provides the Gift of Grace

A phenomenon known as semantic satiation exists. This is what happens when you repeat a word aloud so many times that it momentarily loses its significance in your brain. For Christians, the concept of grace has, unfortunately, been suffering from a kind of semantic satiation.

Grace is a very particular concept. Since God initially showed us love, it is, by definition, accepting a gift we are not deserving of (1 John 4:19). Theologically speaking, it alludes to God’s unmerited mercy toward us.

The throne of God is the throne of grace. Instead of being ruthless and spiteful, God is kind and merciful. The reaction we receive when we seek the throne is grace and mercy. How can we accept God’s grace?

Jesus did not just come as a wise and knowledgeable man, as the majority of other religions would have us believe. Jesus brought both truth and grace. Furthermore, when we put our trust in Him, He freely gives it to us as a gift of grace.

Since Jesus completed this grace on the cross and sealed it with His resurrection, it is made possible by Him. You are truly and eternally appreciative of God’s grace, which is exclusive to Jesus, for pardoning our sins.

Reason #2: Let’s Take a Look at Jesus’ Path of Purpose

“Why am I here?” is arguably the most common question posed by us humans. The next question is often about, “Is Jesus worth following?” Once, a boy turns into a man and searches for purpose in his life. Our bond with God was unbroken.

On the way to the journey to discipleship, we’ll be taking whatever we can, but before we can do that, we must know what our purpose is. Our connection and bond with God as well as the task we were given were linked to our purpose. We were to be excellent stewards of creation and to cherish and value our relationship with God.

It’s obvious that there is no clear purpose for our lives and that there is a lack of a relationship with God in today’s world. People flourish when they feel obligated and have meaningful ties. There would be confusion and hopelessness in their absence. Jesus arrived to make things right. It is very evident that He is the Way, and that’s one of the reasons why Christ is worth following, all the way.

Reason #3: Jesus Christ Has the Words of Life

Jesus delivered a challenging sermon in John 6 that led a large number of individuals to walk away from Him. He asks the disciples if they will also look away as he turns to face them. Simon Peter then responds, which is written in John 6:68-69:

“Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life, and we have believed, and have come to know, that you are the Holy One of God.”

Peter makes a great remark. It is evident that the primary attraction of Jesus lies in his identity. God is in Jesus. Peter saw all he needed to follow Him through to the very end in that compelling truth. Jesus’ words have more meaning if He is God.

Stop Wonder “Is Jesus worth following?” and Start Following Jesus Christ Now

There are times when we can’t help but wonder if Jesus Christ is indeed worthy to follow. But with the many miracles Christ performed during his time on earth, his devotion to God, his sermons, etc., all of them show that he is worth following.

Grab a copy of the book, STEPPING INTO DISCIPLESHIP: Our Journey Begins, today, and start the journey to discipleship that you need. Check out other blog posts we wrote and learn how to follow in Jesus’ footsteps and serve him with heart!

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